San Sabba finalist at the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Festival 2018

This is one of those can not imagine happening! Yet, it did. San Sabba (Turina 2016), made it as the winner film (student category - PhD is still 'student') of June and qualified as a finalist for the big evening in Los Angeles, in March 2018. Here the link to watch it: San Sabba (Turina 2016)... Continue Reading →


Luch with Family shortlisted for the AHRC Research in Film Awards

it has been a long process. More than 1500 images, 3 trips to Trieste, principal photography completed during the Spring and then, the silence. I had to take a break from Lunch with Family (Turina 2016) because it had invaded my life, obsessively. Now, the film is shortlisted for the AHRC Research in Film Awards,... Continue Reading →

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