BAFTSS – ICNS Symposium: Essay Film and Narrative Techniques: Screenwriting Non-Fiction

    The Essay film is defined as a very special kind of non-fiction, which employs fictional techniques. There is very little research on the way these films are scripted and how screenwriting comes into play in the phase of the film’s development. Documentary scripts rarely make it into the BFI library archives, as their... Continue Reading →


Boris Pahor: a private meeting with the mighty mountain

Trieste, July 2017 To meet Slovenian writer Boris Pahor is to find yourself face to face with a mighty mountain. 104, born in Trieste, he witnessed everything I studied and wrote about, ever.  The burning of the Narodni Dom in 1920 and the weeks of sudden attacks to everything Slav in Trieste. The burning of... Continue Reading →

San Sabba finalist at the Hollywood International Independent Documentary Festival 2018

This is one of those can not imagine happening! Yet, it did. San Sabba (Turina 2016), made it as the winner film (student category - PhD is still 'student') of June and qualified as a finalist for the big evening in Los Angeles, in March 2018. Here the link to watch it: San Sabba (Turina 2016)... Continue Reading →

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